Monthly Archives: August 2013

New Kernel, Patches & Source!

Firstly, I apologise for the delay in providing these. I have recently started a new job which has left me with little spare time lately.

I have compiled the latest Fedora 19 kernel (3.10.5-201) with the WiFi and CPU patches. It is now in the repository (see this post for details). Note: The new kernel still uses v6 of the WiFi firmware so you must use the version supplied in my previous post (the one in the Fedora repository provides v7).

As promised I have uploaded the SRPM, it is in the SRPMS directory of the repository.

One thing that was brought to my attention recently was that the SD Card reader does not work. I have had a look and can not find many details on it at all.

If anyone has a patch to make it (or anything else) work please let me know and I will incorporate it into my build.

If anyone has noticed how limited my bandwidth for my repository is and would like to provide a mirror, please do, all I ask is that you link to it in the comments so other readers can find it.