New Kernel, Patches & Source!

Firstly, I apologise for the delay in providing these. I have recently started a new job which has left me with little spare time lately.

I have compiled the latest Fedora 19 kernel (3.10.5-201) with the WiFi and CPU patches. It is now in the repository (see this post for details). Note: The new kernel still uses v6 of the WiFi firmware so you must use the version supplied in my previous post (the one in the Fedora repository provides v7).

As promised I have uploaded the SRPM, it is in the SRPMS directory of the repository.

One thing that was brought to my attention recently was that the SD Card reader does not work. I have had a look and can not find many details on it at all.

If anyone has a patch to make it (or anything else) work please let me know and I will incorporate it into my build.

If anyone has noticed how limited my bandwidth for my repository is and would like to provide a mirror, please do, all I ask is that you link to it in the comments so other readers can find it.

9 thoughts on “New Kernel, Patches & Source!

  1. Adrian

    Do you know anything about ASPM support on this ultrabook? I forced ASPM by adding pcie_aspm=force to kernel’s command line and I’m getting ambiguous result:

    [ 0.000000] PCIe ASPM is forcibly enabled
    [ 0.150666] ACPI FADT declares the system doesn’t support PCIe ASPM, so disable it
    [ 1.050170] iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: L1 Disabled; Enabling L0S

    Last line tells that APSM is enabled on one side on wifi adapter despite what previous line says. It’s confusing 🙂

  2. Matt

    Sorry Nick, it must have been a bad SD card that I had as I’ve plugged another one in an it works fine, I should have checked deeper and not presumed. I have been using Fedora 19 with your kernel for about 2 weeks now and all hardware is working fine. I do get display issues with the screen getting corrupt every now and again though. I’ll work through it a post if I find something. I try your new kernel with firmware 7 for wifi tonight.

  3. darksaboteur

    Hi Matt,
    My SD Card reader was also not working but for some reason is now working tonight. I’m not sure if it is related to the new kernel.
    The only time I noticed display corruption is after suspending the laptop, occasionally there will be graphical corruption or portions of the screen will not update.
    I am preparing to post an article to increase boot speed, my system currently boots in 6 seconds 🙂

    1. Matt

      Yes I’m not too sure what was going on with the SD card I’m yet to upgrade to nicks new kernel and its working fine. The screen corrupt issue appears to be something with gnome 3 and not the Sony VAIO pro hardware. I have installed fedora 19 on a Toshiba Ultra book (no touch) and it does the exact something thing, screen corruption at various different times, and it certainly does it the most when you lock the screen, completely mess up my screen and requires a reboot. They both have the Intel HD integrated graphics, I think the Toshiba is 4000 while the Sony has 4400, so it could be a driver issue. Other than the screen, everything is working pretty damn good.

  4. C. Z.

    Hi, I installed all the new files on your repo (kernel, header, tools, etc.), but somehow the Vaio still doesnt recognize my Wifi. I downloaded every single file and installed them by double clicking.
    I am still new to Linux, so maybe my way of installing a new kernel is wrong?

    1. yannickda

      Try to install rfkill and look for rfkill list you can see if your wifi is not locked.
      If yes, you can unlock it with rfkill unlock x where x is your card number display on list command.

  5. cd

    Thanks for all your work Nick. It has helped immensely as I learn Linux. One thing, I was wondering, have you or anyone else reading this, had problems with the battery/power? For some reason I have to have my power cable plugged in? I’m trying to get my hands on a new DSDT for this machine to possibly solve the problem. Is there any way you could make yours available in your repo or github??

  6. prometoys


    thanks for your help and hints. I installed Fedora 20 (beta) on my Vaio 13 and Wifi worked out of the box. PState isn’t working yet. Did you submit your changes to fedora or wrote an bug report?

    My webcam is working fine with skype, but with Cheese it crashes (pic for a second, then a error message). Must be a bug in Gstreamer.




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